Wednesday 14-Mar-18 Vets 4 Ball Bogey (8.15)
Thursday 15-Mar-18  
Friday 16-Mar-18  
Saturday 17-Mar-18 Monthly Medal
Sunday 18-Mar-18 Monthly Medal
Monday 19-Mar-18  
Tuesday 20-Mar-18  
Wednesday 21-Mar-18  
Thursday 22-Mar-18 Ladies v Little Hay (Away 9 - 9.30am)
Friday 23-Mar-18  
Saturday 24-Mar-18  
Sunday 25-Mar-18  
Monday 26-Mar-18  
Tuesday 27-Mar-18  
Wednesday 28-Mar-18 Vets v Harewood Downs (Home 8.30am)
Thursday 29-Mar-18  
Friday 30-Mar-18 AGM
Saturday 31-Mar-18 Edy Ends 
Sunday 01-Apr-18 Captains Drive In / Easter Sunday 
Monday 02-Apr-18 Easter Monday / Bank Holiday 
Tuesday 03-Apr-18 Ladies Competition Blocks
Wednesday 04-Apr-18 Mid Week Stableford / Vets v Grim's Dyke (Away) 8.30am 
Thursday 05-Apr-18 Mid Week Stableford 
Friday 06-Apr-18  
Saturday 07-Apr-18 Bond Cup Qualifier / Whiteleaf (Away) 12pm / Wedding 
Sunday 08-Apr-18 Bond Cup Qualifier 
Monday 09-Apr-18 Course work/ Funeral, Lounge Closed 4.30pm
Tuesday 10-Apr-18 Course work / Cancer Relief Stableford
Wednesday 11-Apr-18 Course work
Thursday 12-Apr-18 Course work
Friday 13-Apr-18 Course work
Saturday 14-Apr-18 Party 1pm (Lounge Closed)
Sunday 15-Apr-18  
Monday 16-Apr-18  
Tuesday 17-Apr-18 Medal 4
Wednesday 18-Apr-18 Vets v Oakland Park (Away) 8.30am
Thursday 19-Apr-18  
Friday 20-Apr-18 Quiz Night
Saturday 21-Apr-18 Monthly Medal
Sunday 22-Apr-18 Monthly Medal
Monday 23-Apr-18 Heather Holiday 
Tuesday 24-Apr-18 Copper Salver
Wednesday 25-Apr-18 Vets v Ladies 9am
Thursday 26-Apr-18  
Friday 27-Apr-18  
Saturday 28-Apr-18 Skol Trophy 1st Card / Soden Shield / Party 7pm
Sunday 29-Apr-18 Skol Trophy 1st Card
Monday 30-Apr-18  
Tuesday 01-May-18 Brewery Cup 1
Wednesday 02-May-18 Vets V Whiteleaf (Away) 9am / Summer  Golf League (6 to 6.15pm  tees closed)
Thursday 03-May-18  
Friday 04-May-18 Heather  day Off / Ladies V Whiteleaf (Home) 9.30am
Saturday 05-May-18 Skol Trophy 2nd Card / Whiteleaf (Home) 12pm
Sunday 06-May-18 Skol Trophy 2nd Card
Monday 07-May-18 Bank Holiday 
Tuesday 08-May-18 Brewery Cup 2
Wednesday 09-May-18 Mid Week Stableford / Vets Piggott Eclectic - 1st Card 8.15am
Thursday 10-May-18 Mid Week Stableford 
Friday 11-May-18 Ladies v Huntswood (Home) 9.30am / Captains Challenge 5.30pm
Saturday 12-May-18 Champion of Champions / Prize Giving
Sunday 13-May-18  
Monday 14-May-18  
Tuesday 15-May-18 Stableford RNLI
Wednesday 16-May-18 Vets Piggott Eclectic 2nd Card 8.15am / Summer  Golf League (6 to 6.15pm  tees closed)
Thursday 17-May-18 Vets v Weston Turville (Away) 9am
Friday 18-May-18 Captains Challenge 5.30pm
Saturday 19-May-18 Monthly Medal / Wedding club house closed 11am 
Sunday 20-May-18 Monthly Medal
Monday 21-May-18  
Tuesday 22-May-18 Champions of Champions Qualifier
Wednesday 23-May-18 Vets  Danny Dunton 8.15am
Thursday 24-May-18  Heather Holiday Ladies v Chorleywood (Away) 9.30am
Friday 25-May-18 Race Night 
Saturday 26-May-18 Tearle Cup
Sunday 27-May-18 Tearle Cup
Monday 28-May-18 Bank Holiday
Tuesday 29-May-18 Ladies Medal 5
Wednesday 30-May-18  Vets Florida Scramble 8.15am / Summer  Golf League (6 to 6.15pm  tees closed)
Thursday 31-May-18  
Friday 01-Jun-18 Captains Challenge 5.30pm
Saturday 02-Jun-18 Tiger, Dormer, Reg Wright Trophies / Party 1pm - 5pm 
Sunday 03-Jun-18 Tiger, Dormer, Reg Wright Trophies 
Monday 04-Jun-18  
Tuesday 05-Jun-18 ladies Spring Meeting 
Wednesday 06-Jun-18 Mid Week Stableford / Summer  Golf League (6 to 6.15pm  tees closed)
Thursday 07-Jun-18 Mid Week Stableford
Friday 08-Jun-18 Ladies v Weston Turville (Away) 10.30am
Saturday 09-Jun-18 Club v Chorleywood  1pm (Away)
Sunday 10-Jun-18  
Monday 11-Jun-18 Ladies v Princes Risborough 9.30am (Home)
Tuesday 12-Jun-18 Good Luck Cup 1
Wednesday 13-Jun-18 Veterans Bowl (Club Competition) 8.15am
Thursday 14-Jun-18  
Friday 15-Jun-18 Captains Challenge 5.30pm
Saturday 16-Jun-18 Monthly Medal / Datchet (Home)12pm
Sunday 17-Jun-18 Monthly Medal
Monday 18-Jun-18  
Tuesday 19-Jun-18 Good Luck Cup 2
Wednesday 20-Jun-18 Vets Two Clubs and a Putter 8.15am / Summer  Golf League (6 to 6.15pm  tees closed)
Thursday 21-Jun-18  
Friday 22-Jun-18 Ladies v Ivinghoe 9.30am (Home) / BBQ
Saturday 23-Jun-18 Captains Day (Course Closed)
Sunday 24-Jun-18  
Monday 25-Jun-18  
Tuesday 26-Jun-18 Lady Captains Day / MG Classic car Show PM Car Park Closed 5pm
Wednesday 27-Jun-18 Vets v Weston Turville (Home) 8.30am/Summer  Golf League (6 to 6.15pm  tees closed)
Thursday 28-Jun-18 Society pm ( Peter Elsworth )
Friday 29-Jun-18 Captains Challenge 5.30pm
Saturday 30-Jun-18 Boxmoor Masters
Sunday 01-Jul-18 Boxmoor Masters
Monday 02-Jul-18  
Tuesday 03-Jul-18 Medal 6 / Ailsa Plate
Wednesday 04-Jul-18  Vets v Grim's Dyke (home) 8.30am /  Summer  Golf League (6 to 6.15pm  tees closed)
Thursday 05-Jul-18  
Friday 06-Jul-18 Captains Challenge 5.30pm
Saturday 07-Jul-18 Monthly Medal / Party 3pm club house closed 
Sunday 08-Jul-18 Monthly Medal
Monday 09-Jul-18  
Tuesday 10-Jul-18 Lady Captain v Secretary
Wednesday 11-Jul-18 Mid Week Stableford
Thursday 12-Jul-18 Mid Week Stableford
Friday 13-Jul-18 Ladies v Chartridge Park (Away) 9.30am
Saturday 14-Jul-18 Club v Chorleywood 12pm (Home)
Sunday 15-Jul-18  
Monday 16-Jul-18  
Tuesday 17-Jul-18 Challenge Vase 27 hole competition 
Wednesday 18-Jul-18 Vets v Whiteleaf (Home) 8.30am/  Summer  Golf League Finals (6 to 6.15pm  tees closed)
Thursday 19-Jul-18  
Friday 20-Jul-18 Captains Challenge 5.30pm
Saturday 21-Jul-18  The Presidents Day
Sunday 22-Jul-18  
Monday 23-Jul-18  
Tuesday 24-Jul-18 Scratch Cup
Wednesday 25-Jul-18 Vets v Ladies Mixed Pairs (Home) 9am
Thursday 26-Jul-18 Lady Captain's Away Day
Friday 27-Jul-18 Live Band 
Saturday 28-Jul-18 Club Championship (1)
Sunday 29-Jul-18 Club Championship (1)
Monday 30-Jul-18 Ladies v Farnham Park 9.30am (Away)
Tuesday 31-Jul-18 Medal 7 
Wednesday 01-Aug-18 Vets Dick Waterhouse Trophy (Home) 8.15am
Thursday 02-Aug-18 Heather day Off
Friday 03-Aug-18 Past Lady Captains Day Lunch
Saturday 04-Aug-18 Club Championship (2)
Sunday 05-Aug-18 Club Championship (2)
Monday 06-Aug-18  
Tuesday 07-Aug-18 Stableford 
Wednesday 08-Aug-18 Mid Week Stableford
Thursday 09-Aug-18 Mid week Stableford
Friday 10-Aug-18 Mixed Match V Weston Turville (Home) 10am
Saturday 11-Aug-18 Brain Tumour Charity 
Sunday 12-Aug-18 Brain Tumour Charity 
Monday 13-Aug-18  
Tuesday 14-Aug-18 Macmillan Shield
Wednesday 15-Aug-18 Vets v Redbourn (Home) 8.30am
Thursday 16-Aug-18 Heather Day Off
Friday 17-Aug-18 Captains Challenge 5.30pm
Saturday 18-Aug-18 Monthly Medal / Datchet (Away) 12pm / Lock - Flitch Week Start 
Sunday 19-Aug-18 Monthly Medal
Monday 20-Aug-18  
Tuesday 21-Aug-18 EWGA Trust Drawn Stableford
Wednesday 22-Aug-18 Vets Invitation |Day Course Closed until 2pm
Thursday 23-Aug-18  
Friday 24-Aug-18 Lock Flitch Ends
Saturday 25-Aug-18 Start of Charity Cup / Club V Chiltern Forest Home 12pm 
Sunday 26-Aug-18  
Monday 27-Aug-18 Bank Holiday 
Tuesday 28-Aug-18 Medal 8
Wednesday 29-Aug-18 Vets v Oakland Park (Home) 8.30am 
Thursday 30-Aug-18 Ladies Invitation Course Closed until 2pm
Friday 31-Aug-18 End of Charity Cup / Captains Challenge 5pm
Saturday 01-Sep-18 Club Invitation
Sunday 02-Sep-18  
Monday 03-Sep-18  
Tuesday 04-Sep-18 Drivers & Irons 
Wednesday 05-Sep-18 Mid Week Stableford
Thursday 06-Sep-18 Mid Week Stableford
Friday 07-Sep-18  
Saturday 08-Sep-18 Cricket Trophy
Sunday 09-Sep-18 Cricket Trophy
Monday 10-Sep-18  
Tuesday 11-Sep-18  Autumn Meeting
Wednesday 12-Sep-18 Vets Texas Scramble 8.15am
Thursday 13-Sep-18 Vets v Redbourn (Away) 8.30am / Ladies v Aylesbury Park (Home) 9.30am
Friday 14-Sep-18  
Saturday 15-Sep-18 Monthly Medal / Woodpecker
Sunday 16-Sep-18 Monthly Medal
Monday 17-Sep-18 Course work
Tuesday 18-Sep-18 Course work / Tri Golf
Wednesday 19-Sep-18 Course work
Thursday 20-Sep-18 Course work
Friday 21-Sep-18 Course work / Quiz Night 
Saturday 22-Sep-18 Heather Holiday
Sunday 23-Sep-18 Heather Holiday
Monday 24-Sep-18 Ladies v Oakland Park (Home) 9.30am
Tuesday 25-Sep-18 Medal 9  
Wednesday 26-Sep-18 Vets Swindle 8.15am  
Thursday 27-Sep-18 Heather Holiday
Friday 28-Sep-18 Heather Holiday
Saturday 29-Sep-18 Captains Putter
Sunday 30-Sep-18 Captains Putter
Monday 01-Oct-18 Heather Holiday
Tuesday 02-Oct-18 Pairs Pots
Wednesday 03-Oct-18 Vets Swindle 8.15am
Thursday 04-Oct-18 Heather Holiday
Friday 05-Oct-18 Heather Holiday
Saturday 06-Oct-18 Monthly Medal
Sunday 07-Oct-18 Monthly Medal
Monday 08-Oct-18  
Tuesday 09-Oct-18 Medal & Bogey Final
Wednesday 10-Oct-18 Mid Week Stableford 
Thursday 11-Oct-18 Mid Week Stableford
Friday 12-Oct-18 Mixed Match v Chorleywood 9.30am (Home)
Saturday 13-Oct-18 Peacock Trophy Course Closed
Sunday 14-Oct-18  
Monday 15-Oct-18  
Tuesday 16-Oct-18 Lady Captain v Lady Vice Captain
Wednesday 17-Oct-18 Vets Captain's Prize & AGM 8.15am
Thursday 18-Oct-18  
Friday 19-Oct-18 Barn Dance 
Saturday 20-Oct-18 Vice Presidents Bowl
Sunday 21-Oct-18  
Monday 22-Oct-18  
Tuesday 23-Oct-18 3 BBB
Wednesday 24-Oct-18 Vets Swindle 8.15am
Thursday 25-Oct-18  
Friday 26-Oct-18  
Saturday 27-Oct-18 Mike Chrisp Cup
Sunday 28-Oct-18 Mike Chrisp Cup
Monday 29-Oct-18  
Tuesday 30-Oct-18 Stableford
Wednesday 31-Oct-18 Vets Swindle 8.15am
Thursday 01-Nov-18  
Friday 02-Nov-18  
Saturday 03-Nov-18 Captains Prize
Sunday 04-Nov-18 Captains Prize
Monday 05-Nov-18  
Tuesday 06-Nov-18 Florida Scramble
Wednesday 07-Nov-18 Vets Turkey Medal 8.15am
Thursday 08-Nov-18  
Friday 09-Nov-18  
Saturday 10-Nov-18 Monthly Medal
Sunday 11-Nov-18 Monthly Medal
Monday 12-Nov-18  
Tuesday 13-Nov-18 A Wish A Gift and A Joker
Wednesday 14-Nov-18 Vets Swindle 8.15am
Thursday 15-Nov-18  
Friday 16-Nov-18  
Saturday 17-Nov-18  
Sunday 18-Nov-18  
Monday 19-Nov-18  
Tuesday 20-Nov-18 Stableford
Wednesday 21-Nov-18 Mid Week Stableford 
Thursday 22-Nov-18 Mid week Stableford
Friday 23-Nov-18  
Saturday 24-Nov-18  
Sunday 25-Nov-18  
Monday 26-Nov-18  
Tuesday 27-Nov-18 Turkey Competition
Wednesday 28-Nov-18 Vets Four Better-Ball Stableford 8.15am
Thursday 29-Nov-18  
Friday 30-Nov-18  
Saturday 01-Dec-18 Captains Charity Competition 
Sunday 02-Dec-18 Captains Charity Competition 
Monday 03-Dec-18  
Tuesday 04-Dec-18 Ladies Christmas Lunch & Prize Giving
Wednesday 05-Dec-18 Vets Captain v Vice Captain 8.15am  & Christmas Lunch & Prize Giving 
Thursday 06-Dec-18  
Friday 07-Dec-18  
Saturday 08-Dec-18 Monthly Medal
Sunday 09-Dec-18 Monthly Medal
Monday 10-Dec-18  
Tuesday 11-Dec-18 Ladies AGM 9 Hole Competition & Drive In 
Wednesday 12-Dec-18 Mid Week Stableford / Wednesday Men Christmas Dinner 
Thursday 13-Dec-18 Mid Week Stableford
Friday 14-Dec-18  
Saturday 15-Dec-18 Turkey Competition
Sunday 16-Dec-18 Turkey Competition / Christmas Draw 1pm
Monday 17-Dec-18  
Tuesday 18-Dec-18 Hatty Christmas Fun
Wednesday 19-Dec-18 Vets Swindle 8.15am
Thursday 20-Dec-18  
Friday 21-Dec-18  
Saturday 22-Dec-18  
Sunday 23-Dec-18  
Monday 24-Dec-18  
Tuesday 25-Dec-18 Club House Closed 
Wednesday 26-Dec-18 Club House Closed 
Thursday 27-Dec-18  
Friday 28-Dec-18  
Saturday 29-Dec-18  
Sunday 30-Dec-18  
Monday 31-Dec-18  
Tuesday 01-Jan-19 Club House Closed 
Wednesday 02-Jan-19 Vets Swindle 8.15am
Thursday 03-Jan-19  
Friday 04-Jan-19  
Saturday 05-Jan-19  
Sunday 06-Jan-19  
Monday 07-Jan-19  
Tuesday 08-Jan-19 Pink Ball Competition
Wednesday 09-Jan-19 December Mid-Week Stableford (Postponed from Dec)
Thursday 10-Jan-19 December Mid-Week Stableford (postponed from Dec)
Friday 11-Jan-19  
Saturday 12-Jan-19 December Medal (Postponed from Dec)
Sunday 13-Jan-19 December Medal (postponed from Dec)
Monday 14-Jan-19  
Tuesday 15-Jan-19 Greensomes Stableford
Wednesday 16-Jan-19 Vets Swindle 8.15am / January Mid-Week Stableford
Thursday 17-Jan-19 January Mid-Week Stableford
Friday 18-Jan-19  
Saturday 19-Jan-19 January Monthly Medal
Sunday 20-Jan-19 January Monthly Medal
Monday 21-Jan-19  
Tuesday 22-Jan-19 Texas Scramble
Wednesday 23-Jan-19 Vets Swindle 8.15am
Thursday 24-Jan-19  
Friday 25-Jan-19  
Saturday 26-Jan-19  
Sunday 27-Jan-19  
Monday 28-Jan-19  
Tuesday 29-Jan-19 Medford
Wednesday 30-Jan-19 Vets Swindle 8.15am
Thursday 31-Jan-19  
Friday 01-Feb-19  
Saturday 02-Feb-19  
Sunday 03-Feb-19  
Monday 04-Feb-19  
Tuesday 05-Feb-19 3 Clubs & Putter
Wednesday 06-Feb-19 Vets Swindle 8.15am
Thursday 07-Feb-19  
Friday 08-Feb-19  
Saturday 09-Feb-19  
Sunday 10-Feb-19  
Monday 11-Feb-19  
Tuesday 12-Feb-19 Medal 1
Wednesday 13-Feb-19 Mid Week Stableford
Thursday 14-Feb-19 Mid Week Stableford
Friday 15-Feb-19  
Saturday 16-Feb-19  
Sunday 17-Feb-19  
Monday 18-Feb-19  
Tuesday 19-Feb-19 Stableford
Wednesday 20-Feb-19 Vets Swindle 8.15am
Thursday 21-Feb-19  
Friday 22-Feb-19  
Saturday 23-Feb-19 Monthly Medal
Sunday 24-Feb-19 Monthly Medal
Monday 25-Feb-19  
Tuesday 26-Feb-19 3.2.1
Wednesday 27-Feb-19 Vets Swindle 8.15am
Thursday 28-Feb-19  
Friday 01-Mar-19  
Saturday 02-Mar-19  
Sunday 03-Mar-19  
Monday 04-Mar-19  
Tuesday 05-Mar-19 Par Competition
Wednesday 06-Mar-19 Vets 4 Ball Bogey 8.15am 
Thursday 07-Mar-19  
Friday 08-Mar-19  
Saturday 09-Mar-19  
Sunday 10-Mar-19  
Monday 11-Mar-19  
Tuesday 12-Mar-19 Medal 2
Wednesday 13-Mar-19 Mid Week Stableford
Thursday 14-Mar-19 Mid Week Stableford
Friday 15-Mar-19  
Saturday 16-Mar-19  
Sunday 17-Mar-19  
Monday 18-Mar-19  
Tuesday 19-Mar-19 Envelope Competition
Wednesday 20-Mar-19 Vets Swindle 8.15am
Thursday 21-Mar-19  
Friday 22-Mar-19  
Saturday 23-Mar-19 Monthly Medal
Sunday 24-Mar-19 Monthly Medal
Monday 25-Mar-19  
Tuesday 26-Mar-19 Medal 3
Wednesday 27-Mar-19 Vets Swindle 8.15am
Thursday 28-Mar-19  
Friday 29-Mar-19 AGM
Saturday 30-Mar-19  
Sunday 31-Mar-19